What is a Responsible Investor?

The term “responsible investor” has a dual meaning. It means a person who invests their money in companies and organizations that have “do good” practices and have a decent or high ESG score. An investor that utilizes the Socially Responsible or Impact Investing strategies when deciding what they want to invest in and is financially responsible about their financial future as well as building and/or growing their money.

They are individuals who invest not only in their financial future, but in the future and improvement of their society and/or the environment. By being engaged and informed about the companies and industries they decide to invest in, responsible investors can create a positive impact while also growing their money!

Uplift Investing kicked off 2020 with a conversation on climate

The climate conversation is getting louder. With kids taking center stage with a climate strike, standing up against inaction of the adults, how can we engage in this global conversation?

Women are in a unique position to be a force for change on climate issues. They can lead by example for their children, as well as make changes in their own lives. They drive 70-80% of consumer purchases. That’s a lot of impact that we can make.

Uplift Investing partnered with GreenChange.net, Southern Marin Moms Club and the Hivery and moderated an event on January 14, 2020 that served as a beginner’s guide for joining the sustainability and socially responsibility conversation. It highlighted simple actions that people can take to start making changes. It also included guidance on how to talk to young children about these global issues. Together, we hope to team up with the community to work towards a healthy climate today and a livable future for all children.

View recording here

On Earth Day, We Experienced the Natural Beauty of Our Planet

On Earth Day, we reminded ourselves the natural beauty of Earth through the lens of the new Netflix’s documentary Our Planet.

The project, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, took four years to complete, with more than 600 crew members filming in 50 countries across the world to showcase the diversity that exists among habitats, from the remote Arctic wilderness to the jungles of South America. The series also offer five steps that we can do to help saving the planet that we called home.

Some may disagree with the film. Yet, the natural beauty of our planet is not to be denied.

Regardless how you feel about Climate Change, we cannot neglect the fact that our beautiful planet is changing. All species and the fragile eco-system bear the impact, some worse than other.

At Uplift Investing, our mission is simple: to act on our conscience – raising awareness, contributing our knowledge and connecting with like-minded peers so that together, we can put humanity back into investing.



Bringing Oysters Back to the New York Harbor

Because of over-fishing and pollution, wild oyster reefs have been declared ‘the most severely impacted marine habitat on Earth’ and no longer play a role in their ecosystems. Scientists, government officials, artists and high school students have been fighting to bring oysters back to the former oyster capital of the world – New York Harbor.

The award winning documentary ‘SHELLSHOCKED: Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves’, produced by Emily Discoll, explores the importance and fragility of wild oysters in cleaning water and building ecosystems for other marine life. WATCH THE MOVIE AND TAKE ACTION.


See other projects produced by Emily Discoll at Bon Sci Films.


Update: Billion Oyster Project

To Fight Back Against Family Separation, Uplift Investing Proudly Supports the Safe Passage Project

In the midst of awful news on migrant children as young as 3 year-old being separated from their parents and caged in facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border, our hearts ache.

If you feel the same way as we do, please consider supporting Safe Passage Project.



What does Safe Passage Project do?

Since 2006, housed within the New York Law School, Safe Passage Project provides free lawyers to refugee children for whom being sent back to their native country could be a death sentence.

As children are being forcibly separated from their families at the border and placed into deportation proceedings,  they need great lawyers who will fight for their rights as long as it takes. Many can’t afford a lawyer and no child should face immigration court alone.

Some of these children who were separated in May are now arriving in NYC where they have been issued a Notice To Appear in Immigration Court for their own deportation. It costs $2,500 for the Safe Passage Project to take on one new client . Currently, they are trying to raise $25,000 from friends and allies to take on 10 new young clients.



As of June 22, 2018, Safe Passage has raised $30,000 more than their original goal. Now, they are trying to raised $100,000 to take on 40 new young clients.

Hundreds of migrant children have been sent to New York – LA Times

Safe Passage have been in daily conversations with peer organizations – including some that have been able to access NYC-area detention centers. The government has not been keeping clear records of which kids belong to which parents – so a top priority is to find their parents, simply to understand what the mother wants for their child. These children will soon start to be released from detention centers into the care of friends or family – and then they’ll need Safe Passage and others to step forward and take their cases.


As of September 12, 2018, Detention of migrant children has skyrocketed to highest levels ever – NY Times


Can you help? To fight back against family separation, please DONATE HERE.


We are all immigrants and no one should be another person’s bargaining chip for a wall. 


Uplift Investing Spring 2018 Newsletter

Take Issues – who knew socially conscious investing could be this glamorous.

These three companies promote sustainability and workplace diversity in their own ways.

You can support their efforts as an investor.