Uplift Investing kicked off 2020 with a conversation on climate

The climate conversation is getting louder. With kids taking center stage with a climate strike, standing up against inaction of the adults, how can we engage in this global conversation?

Women are in a unique position to be a force for change on climate issues. They can lead by example for their children, as well as make changes in their own lives. They drive 70-80% of consumer purchases. That’s a lot of impact that we can make.

Uplift Investing partnered with GreenChange.net, Southern Marin Moms Club and the Hivery and moderated an event on January 14, 2020 that served as a beginner’s guide for joining the sustainability and socially responsibility conversation. It highlighted simple actions that people can take to start making changes. It also included guidance on how to talk to young children about these global issues. Together, we hope to team up with the community to work towards a healthy climate today and a livable future for all children.

View recording here