CNBC: Just 20 Companies Are Responsible For Over Half of ‘Throwaway’ Plastic Waste, Study Says

By Sam Meredith, Published May 18, 2021

People know that fossil fuels are hurtful to the environment, but do they know that single-use plastics, the most common type of plastic to be thrown away, are made almost exclusively from them? More often than not, these plastics end their short lifecycle polluting the oceans or in landfills.

The future of the climate crisis and the “throwaway” plastic emergency are closely intertwined. Found to produce the greatest amounts of plastic waste, more than 50 kg per person per year in 2019, Australia and the U.S. respectively are heading the charge into a polluted future.

With large corporations spreading awareness on how the individual needs to take steps to save our planet, the petrochemical industry has done all but taken responsibility for their majority of the plastic problem.

With plastic production predicted to increase by 30% it’s time for the petrochemical industry to start fixing the problem at the source: themselves. Shouldn’t they start listening to the awareness of the plastic pollution instead of blaming it on the end-users?

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