Your Financial Objectives

+ Our Expertise

= Financial Independence + Social Impact

Invest with Uplift

Let’s take the path together to uplifting you, your financial future, and the communities where you live.


Your portfolio will be directed to investments that align with your values, with core allocations into impact thematic equity, and fixed income securities. Through our forum, you have full transparency on your portfolio as well as making suggestions on local improvement projects. We will assess feasibility and elevate dialogue on issues you care about in building stronger communities.


We would love to hear from you. The level of involvement is up to you. If you prefer to take a passive approach, consider our impact portfolios for supporting companies with missions. The more involved you are, along with the ideas that you submit, the more changes can be affected together.


cash in the portfolio can earn interest

contact us for management fee

no additional commission or trading fee

welcome rollover IRA or new accounts

We Listen

We strive not only to understand your financial goals but personal values informing where your investments should be put to work to foster change.

If you wish to make a difference with an idea that you have, we can work together and bring it to reality.

Let’s start by hearing your thoughts – click the “Have an Idea?” box below: