Our Services

UPLIFT INVESTING is a boutique investment advisor that enables clients to build their financial future through Socially Responsible Investing.

As a team of experienced and dedicated financial professionals, we share a commitment to make Socially Responsible Investing accessible to all.

By investing in companies and projects that take active roles in sustainability and ethical practices, our clients achieve the social benefits desired along with their financial future. Our goal is to be there for our clients every step along the way.

Message from the Founder

Finance can be intimidating and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be.

Before founding Uplift Investing, my goal was to start a company with a sole focus on introducing the way of Socially Responsible Investing to the general public, bringing years of institutional experience in financial services directly to like-minded individuals.

Soon after speaking to prospective clients, I realized that financial concepts can be intimidating and frustrating to many, and financial education is lacking in this country. I received eager questions asking how and from where they can start gaining financial knowledge. Therefore, our services have expanded to include bringing financial knowledge to those who welcome it.

Our mission is to advocate for investment allocation into areas that improve people’s lives and the health of our planet. Working toward that mission, we are improving people’s lives directly by uplifting their confidence and helping them to understand financial concepts.

I remember the time when I stopped by a branch of a major bank in midtown Manhattan with the goal to open an investment account for my child; they turned me away. They told me that I didn’t have enough money with the bank to be qualified as a Private Wealth Client. At Uplift Investing, we don’t turn people away. Regardless of how much you have saved, we have a way to help. Our intention is pure and simple.

Allow us to be your partner in your financial journey—saving for short-term needs and investing long-term for retirement. We want to make this world a better place, and it is only possible when we are working together with you.

Syl Yip


Product Strategy, Trading Infrastructure, Corporate Finance,
Risk Management & Data Analysis Education:
MBA from New York University
BA in Economic and Statistics from UC Berkeley